Thursday, December 31, 2009

What does positive and purposeful living mean?

So what comes to mind when you hear the words "positive and purposeful living"? Maybe it's attitude, direction, a career, happiness. For me it is all of it in an order that makes sense to you or for this blog for me.
My goal for this blog is to find ways to live with purpose as well as find positive examples every day on how amazing this world is if we just take the time to look, listen, care, think, and believe.

For my positive example today I would like to talk about the past week with Christmas. My family celebrates Christmas and for the past 46 years I have made it to my folks place. I have lived all over and every year I manage to find a way to get there for Christmas. Every year except this year.

Minneapolis was snowed in then a little ice on top and some more snow and cold prevented me from making the trip on the actual day. I had a wonderful Christmas down here with friends, the animals, and just enjoying the snow and all the magic the season brings, but it was hard for me to think about not being with my parents for Christmas.

By Sunday I was able to make it out of town and heading north about 250 miles. The roads were not great and most of the way the roads were covered with snow and ice and traffic was moving much slower than normal.

Now this all may not sound all that positive, but had I not had to stay in Minneapolis for Christmas, this is what I would have missed.
1. Spending Christmas with my good friend Suzan whos busy work time is on holidays.
2. I would have not been able to go out to eat with other good friends to a fun restaurant that was nearly empty with people, but full of laughter and fun in our booth.
3. I would have not been able to help neighbors out with removing the 10" of snow from their driveways and walks.
4. I would have not seen the below pictures that were taken about 40 miles from my parents home as I would have never driving this road in terrible weather.

So, living positive does not always mean things are going to work out exactly like you think they should but rather they will work out exactly like they should if you pay attention to all you can do and have around you rather than worry about what may not be possible.


  1. Awesome thoughts and perspectives. I look forward to the next 365 musings.
    Happy New Year

  2. Reading this made me think of a quote by John Lennon - "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."